Extended school clubs

Looking for something different as an After-School Club?

10392359_712979395485838_6331913278956432716_nWe are offering after school clubs with a variety of themes – including street dance, cheer-leading, Irish dancing, multi-cultural dance, musicals or a theme of your choice.

We normally offer these extended schools clubs as a block of 5 or 6 sessions to fit in neatly with each half term.  The last lesson is generally a performance for the parents and carers to attend, enabling the children to experience performing in front of an audience.

Children have the opportunity to purchase a Strut Dance Experience t-shirt at the start of the block of sessions.1 (4)

To find out more or book a breakfast, lunch or after school club with us please fill in the enquiry form below or give one of the team a call on 07825 432664